Canada must give more Syrian refugees safe haven: Editorial

Canada must give more Syrian refugees safe haven: Editorial
But as potential safe havens, we have yet to open our doors more than a crack. The U.S. … Certainly, it compares unfavourably with Sweden, which has taken in 30,000 Syrians, or Germany, which has granted permanent and temporary protection to 38,000.
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Working at Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind becomes a family affair
But in 1960, doors were still closed. “I never had any thought about working at this … For the next 20 years, he accompanied teams to competitions in Yugoslavia, Sweden, Romania, Germany and other countries. “We had some outstanding track and field …
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The Abortion Pill Known as “RU-486”: By any other name… Just as deadly
Mifepristone was first developed in 1980 and went on the French market as an abortifacient in 1988, followed by Britain in 1991 and Sweden in 1992. … Original patents expired years ago, swinging the doors wide open for manufacturers of generics. None …
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