San Sebastian: Europeans Eye Day-and-Date Movie Releases as Netflix Rolls In
… distributors and exhibitors weigh day-and-date VOD releasing as a possible industry savior. "We offer a theatrical experience otherwise unavailable to audiences," said Mathias Holtz, a programming manager with Swedish exhibitor Folkets Hus Och …
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Live Events Give Cinemas a Boost Worldwide
In Sweden, not only has the sector been a boon to rural cinemas, which struggle to book new film releases day-and-date with big cities, it also has enabled exhibs to take advantage of new revenue streams. “A court decision said that when a cinema is …
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USA's Madden Qualifies for 2014 WEG Jumping Final
When Deusser's grey gelding hit the vertical three from home it opened a top-four spot for the Dutchman, and when Madden and Delaveau once again kept a clean sheet they were through too. But Swedish hearts were racing when Bengtsson's stallion hit the …

I Googles hus är det prat som gäller
Video Tangentbord är så 2013. Nu är det rösten som gäller. När Google visar upp hur deras tjänster kan användas i vardagen pågår ett ständigt småprat med våra prylar. Läs mer. EU hotar Google med nytt åtal · "Innovationsfrågor saknas i debatten".
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Spot the big five on a Swedish seafood safari
Further north there's a interesting museum of marine life, Havets Hus, at the coastal town of Lysekil while Fjällbacka, with its sorbet-coloured houses, was the favoured home of actress Ingrid Bergman. Her statue looks out to sea on the island where …
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San Sebastian's Workshop Analyzes Day-and-Date Releases
Speakers at Monday's round-table include Spain's Coro Odriozola, manager of Basque exhibition group Sade Cinemas; Mathias Holtx of Sweden's Folkets Hus Och Parker, Jan Nohac at Czech Republic's arthouse exhib-distrib Aerofilms, Eduardo Escudero, …
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