Five differences between the UK and <b>Sweden</b>

Five differences between the UK and Sweden
Front doors are rarely locked. People will go into shops and sometimes leave their car running outside, especially in winter. We stayed in a nice enough rural village when we visited the UK – it certainly wasn't rough. But everything was padlocked …
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Discovering The Nordic Riviera: Five Reasons To Love West Sweden
Sweden has a certain quirky, comfortable appeal. You think, Nothing bad could happen here. English is frequently spoken, and doors are rarely locked. Here in the west, the sea-worn granite bluffs and outcrops along the north Atlantic and the 8,000 …
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Sweden's new leader reaches out to foes after shock far-right gains
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden's centre-left leader began efforts to forge a minority government by reaching out to his defeated centre-right foes on Monday, a day after winning an election marked by big gains for an anti-immigrant party that now holds …
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