White House aims to show Obama at work
He may not be zipping into a flight suit on the deck of an aircraft carrier, but President Barack Obama is embracing the set pieces of a commander at war weeks into his campaign against Islamic terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
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Producer Gold: LG's new 34-inch Curved IPS UltraWide monitor
There's a 4-Screen Split feature that divides the screen into four sections, allowing you to prioritize windows by size and location instead of having to manually resize and position each window individually. This is perfect to view multiple programs …
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Preparing for the Apocalypse Is Turning Into a Huge Business
“Panic may very well ensue,” writes Organic Prepper, one popular blogger in the prepper community, “but it's an indulgence you can't afford when you have a limited window to acquire the things you may need.” The chief producer of these protective suits …
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Allison Williams 'can't wait' for live Peter Pan broadcast
The star of NBC's upcoming telecast posted a photo to Instagram Tuesday of herself, dressed as the title role, looking wistfully outside at the evening sky. "Peter in the window. My month of prep ended on Friday, and rehearsals began yesterday. Can't …
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Teach dreamers how to make their dreams come true, says QI producer
Yet our exam system still favours people with information processing skills and everyone else is deemed to have "failed". This discourages people who want to be rock guitarists or novelists. They are the ones daydreaming and looking out of the window.
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Jessie Ware: Tough Love review – classy retro soul-pop
Land a Hungarian goose down feather on it the wrong way and it becomes beige, insipid fare that piles cliche on formula as someone in a big white shirt looks pensively out of a loft window. South Londoner Jessie Ware is wearing a big white shirt on the …
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