We manufacture windows and doors in wood, wood with aluminium cladding and pvc-windows. Vinylwindows and u-pvc windows in Scandinavian design. We have productionplants in Sweden, Lithuania and Poland. All our products is sold in Scandinavia.With the newest machines and lastest cnc-technology we supply our clients with the highest quality.

If You want to be a reseller of our products we are happy to provide you with the widest range of high quality products of windows, doors, slidingdoors, foldingdoors and harmonydoors.


Wooden Windows

We produce woodenwindows in Scandinavian style. Outside opeing with the old fashion look, traditional look or modern style. You design Yourself all measurements, colours, shapes, hardware.

Your demand decides what we produce. Our clients are constructioncompanies and big propertyholders in Scandinavia. Of cource we welcome clients also from ohter part of the world. If You are looking for good quality, and Scandinavian design, we are your choice.

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We produce pvc-windows with our own profiles, we have designed them to fit the markets in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We add customdesign to our range and give you all choices there are in sizes, colours, shapes, glasses.

A big segment for us is slidingdoors and harmonydoors. All producs is designed and produced to fit the Scandinavian market. .


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We produce slidingdoors, harmonydoors and foldingdoors in wood, wood with aluminium and pvc. We can produce in any sice up to 6,5 meters long and 2,5 meters high. Our slidingdoors are custommade, that is YOU decide how they should look when it comes to colour, size, opening possibilities, and glazing.

We do singledoors, doubledoors , 4 parts doors and 6 parts doors.


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